Hello! Namasté : I praise the god within you!

Would you like to come and enjoy a most extraordinary landscape ?

Endless peaceful views; green hills and valleys, lakes and untouched forests, a paradise for wildlife. It may be possible someday, maybe next spring !… right now we need some strong courageous help for digging out trees for four weeks from 19 to 28 october and 2nd to 18th november.


Four hectares of Permaculture gardens, orchards, forest gardens, over 800 different species of fruit trees and thousands of trees and perfumed plants and flowers.

A huge tree nursery which is much too much work for a single person to manage with, hopefully soon there will be an extra person employed by the association. The association is called : Vive la biodiversité ! » and it’s aim is to help sustain the tree nursery project. Organise courses about how to take care of trees and nature and biodiversity through all it’s shapes. You will get to meet most probably other amazing volunteers, four little cats, lots of bees and other amazing insects…

A couple of kms away there is also a family pottery workshop creating beautiful strong stoneware with blue glaze.

Here we use a compost toilet which you can see in the photos.

I’ve built a few ecological houses, here you can see an amazing stone house that is not yet finished, (hard to find the time!!) I have also built a beautiful earthship (see photos!) which I built out of mainly recycled materials, it’s in cordwood.

You will be staying in a lovely little house two kms distance from the gardens, that is the commodities I can offer for now with some comfort, toilets, hot water nice kitchen and dining room… I rent this house especially to welcome volunteers because the periods when I most need help it can be too cold for camping.



I’m a kind, generous and sensitive person, but so very busy with the tree nursery and at the moment struggling with Lyme disease.

I am a sort of nature freak that feeds from being alone with and within nature, human relations can be quite difficult for me though I love people! I prefer to meet them one by one and take time, the only difficulty
here is that there is enough work for ten ! So I do organise periods when I welcome many volunteers at once, hoping they can benefit from the presence of each other and not be too demanding with me.

I should mention that due to severe health problems since birth, I require a special diet and unfortunately will not be eating with the volunteers. I like to have my meal as meditative time alone.

I could chat and make a few pots or show you how the pottery wheel works…as soon as the project/ mission of digging out the trees feels secure, that you have learnt how to do it with care and efficiency.

You will also meet Denis, my boyfriend, he is trying his best to try and support me here, although he too has a bad back handicap, he speaks only french and hopefully he will be here everyday !

Denis :

J’ai 39 ans, je ne parle que français. J’aime vivre au contact de la nature pour le sentiment de liberté et de plénitude qu’elle procure. Vous passerez l’essentiel de votre temps actif ici avec moi. J’aime ramasser les châtaignes et les champignons. Je suis aussi passionné par les fruits et fruitiers que Chloë.

WORKWISE Activities

I will be asking from you some serious hard work ! Looking after and producing trees is both a delicate and physical activity. It takes a little while to get the hang of how it works and learn about all the different shapes and fragilities of roots ! A pear tree is nothing like a peach tree, you will be able to meet all the different fruit tree and become close mates ! If you treet them right !

In this period I need lots of help because the tree nursery project is a great mission that is a priority in my life now. I am trying to save ancient varieties of fruit trees, there is already over 230 species of apple trees! You will be able to taste some…

I can welcome hardy, joyful and self-sufficient volunteers who are happy to work and be in nature.

If you smoke I should let you know that I am allergic to smoke and so if you could not smoke nearby this would be appreciated! I can’t welcome dogs either as the tiny baby trees are so fragile!

About the rhythm, it will be quite intense as I have to work doing markets selling the trees on week-ends.

The average time I am asking for is 6 hours per day. 5 days a week. I will send you the program excel document by email as soon as you ask.

At the beginning I have to be there with you to make sure all is going fine, there are thousands of varieties and labels to put on, according to how the trees come out (what sort of rootstock) : and with or without roots ? The mole rats eat so many.

The three markets I will be going too during your stay are also intense work for me, so I hope you can understand I will also be taking four days of during that month to be able to be in good health and happy character ! It is a really big challenge for me to succeed this period ! And I will be so so grateful if we do succeed, so don’t hesitate if you have any more questions.

I will need your email to be able to send you the programme document with more details about the schedule.


I have recently began to rent a house around 2 km from the land.

The house has two bedrooms and hot shower and kitchen and living room. It is two kms from the tree nursery (there are three bicycles), there will be an internet connection but no computer for now yet ?…sorry. There is plenty of skip food or dumpster food in addition to what I produce in the garden : squash, courgettes, and delicious jams and apple juice. There is
also a lot of organic cereals and dry beans.

15 kms away lives a very lovely family of potters who can welcome you for a few days in exchange for some helping hand, let me know if you are interested in that option. The help there can involve babysitting, helping in the pottery workshop or organic gardens, it is a large family with indians, nepali, chinese, lots of children…

but you can also choose the option to stay and rest for the periods of rest in the house in Saint Avit and explore nature surroundings.

(for more details please read below in the ‘ACCOMMODATION’ section)

A few last minute important informations:

By being here you can benefit from a skill knowledge of 20 years of permaculture, but you have to pick up the experience while going through activities together, keep a notebook in hand to keep all questions for moments when I’m available to answer 🙂

You can also receive trees and amazing plants in exchange for your help her, if I’m happy with it !

(We are also looking for the right person to employ on a long term basis as a partner for the tree nursery)

Have a great day ! And maybe see you soon !

Here is the web site of the tree nursery, where you can find lots of photos in the home page…